Babywearing consultation

For parents, carrying their baby in a baby carrier can mean a lot, both practically and emotionally. Some parents already know that they want to carry their baby during pregnancy. Ohers decide to carry their baby close after their baby is born. It doesn't matter for which reason you want to carry your baby. As a babywearing consultant I would like to guide you in this wonderful adventure, in yoursearch of a suitable babywearing system. The content of a babywearing consultation depends on what you are looking for.



  • Benefits of babywearing
  • What is ergonomic and safe babywearing?
  • Types of babywearing systems


Wrapping skills

  • Learn to wrap your child with the wrap of your choice (stretchy or woven) in the position you prefer (front/hip/back) taking the developmental stage of your baby into account


Fitting Consultation

  • Trying out different soft structured carriers
  • Points to consider when using each soft structured carrier



  • Informative workshop sessions at the midwifery center Zwanger in Brussel:
  • For private workshops at your home (individually or in group with grandparents, befriended parents or the childcare professional who will take care of your child): contact Karen