Baby Yoga


Nurturing Integrated Baby Yoga (Birthlight ©) includes an ongoing series of baby yoga classes for parent and child combined with a pinch of massage. A lot of attention is paid to the well-being of both the baby and the accompanying parent. This holistic approach to baby yoga builds on the Nurturing Integrated Baby Massage using movement, touch, play and singing. Yoga and massage offer benefits for you as a parent as well as for your developing baby. Together you will continue to build a close bond, valuable for the rest of your life! This basic confidence helps your child deal with challenges later on.


What are the benefits of baby yoga?

Songs and rhymes

Promote a developing baby's communication skills by combining more singing and rhyming with movement and touch. The individuality of each baby is reflected.

Improving body functions

Yoga has a positive effect on the body. Yoga strengthens the muscles and tones the body of the baby and parent. Yoga improves circulation and the elimination of waste through exercise. This also promotes hormonal balance and stimulates cell growth. Yoga has a positive influence on the development of the nervous system. Senses are stimulated. We stimulate the transition from reflex to targeted movements with baby yoga.


Stimulate balance and coordination

Yoga stimulates the vestibular system. Movements such as rolling and rocking support a baby's development of balance and coordination.



Parent support with an increasing need for carrying capacity

Because parents experience an increase in weigth and mobility of their baby, parents also learn muscle strengthening exercises to lift and carry their baby. This is important in the prevention and relief of neck, shoulder and back problems.



Moving and enjoying relaxation together has advantages for parent and child. Loving and respectfully touching your baby reduces stress and helps your baby to release built-up tension. This promotes a baby's sleep. Parents also enjoy this wonderful moment of peace.


Attachment and basic trust

The bond between parent and child continues to grow. Positive experiences strengthen this bond. Mutual trust grows. Basic trust just makes it easier for children to discover the world around them. Parents with an eventful birth story or postpartum depression can continue to recover.