Baby massage

Practical information

The Baby Massage workshop includes a series of 5 consecutive sessions. This workshop is intended for younger babies (approximately 4-16 weeks old). The accompanying adult is often the mother, but the other parent or a grandparent may also participate. We recommend that the same adult attends all lessons. Anyone can learn! We notice that older children as from 12-16 weeks are often ready for some more movements, like in a Baby Yoga class.

We really try to follow the rhythm of your little one. It is quite normal for a baby not to be in the mood for certain activities, to be hungry or just to fall asleep. Sleep is very important and beneficial! We pay attention to your baby's signals. Don't worry, we repeat the massage techniques of the previous sessions with every Baby Massage class. Moreover, you always have the option to borrow a doll to practice with when your little one is sleeping or just not in the mood. We do not massage a baby that is crying. We respect their needs! Throuhjout the workshop, tools are provided so a baby can relax. To avoid distraction, we mute our cellphones.

To avoid hurting the baby's delicate skin, clean hands and short nails are recommended. If you have longer nails, be especially cautious during face massage. Using your ring finger during face massage reduces the chance of hurting your baby.


When should we skip massage?

  • Avoid massaging damaged skin (inflammation, wound, vaccine injection site).
  • Avoid massage 24 hours after a vaccination (and avoid the injection site for several days)
  • It is best for a child who is sick to get well at home before coming to class.
  • If your child has a medical condition, I recommend you consult your pediatrician or physiotherapist before starting this Baby Massage course. Massage and yoga are beneficial for children with special needs, provided we can take a few considerations into account.


What is provided?

  • Massage oil : At the first session you will receive a bottle of massage oil to use during the sessions. This is included in the price of the workshop. The oil is pure, organic and sustainably produced without the addition of chemicals and parabens. The massage oil is cold-pressed so that vitamins and minerals are preserved, a real boost for the immune system. This oil penetrates into the skin and does not form a greasy layer on the delicate skin of your baby. In addition, it can also be used for people with a nut allergy (because it does not contain almond oil). If you are using a special ointment prescribed by your doctor on your baby's skin, feel free to bring it with you. We do not use oil for the massage of the face.
  • Yoga mats: A yoga mat is provided for each parent-child couple. These are cleaned regularly.
  • Cushion : Cushions are provided for the comfort of the massaging parent. It can also be interesting for your baby to lie on a pillow with the upper body.


What should parents bring to the workshop?

  • Food for your little one: exercise can make you thirsty and hungry!
  • Diapers: baby massage and foot reflexology can stimulate bowel function
  • Baby blanket, bath towel or hammam towel with the smell of home: to wrap baby in after the baby massage.