Baby massage


Baby massage is of all times and cultures. Parents everywhere enjoy touching their children in a loving way. Nurturing Integrated Baby Massage (Birthlight ©) includes a series of baby massage sessions combined with a dash of yoga for parent and baby. A lot of attention is paid to the well-being of both the baby and the accompanying parent. This approach to baby massage is based on the principles of yoga. Massage and yoga offer advantages for you as a parent as well as your developing baby. Together you build a close bond, a solid foundation for the rest of your life!


What are the benefits of baby massage?

Calm relaxed baby

Touching your baby in a loving and respectful way, reduces stress and helps your baby to release built-up tension. Your baby will get to know the world through his senses: feeling, hearing, seeing and smelling. Massage is so beneficial! It improves digestion, strengthens the muscles, improves the circulation of oxygen and removal of waste products and gives the immune system a boost. Massage also brings relief from stomach cramps, sleeplessness and constipation.

Calm relaxed parent

Consciously taking time with your baby and paying attention to your own breathing also lowers your own stress hormones and helps you release physical and mental tension. A calm parent also transfers this inner peace to their baby. Hormones are released that foster the bond with your baby.


Getting to know each other

Through communication and interaction, you can tune in to your little one with its own body language, sounds and facial expressions. This strengthens your parental instinct. Trust it! The focus is completely on each other… no household chores, administration or phone messages to think about.


Connection with other parents

Feel welcome in a group where you can be just the way you are…this also includes your baby! Each parent goes through their own version of the same journey. Parents often find support in each other. That is why we always sit in a circle where we can share the joys and difficulties of parenthood.


Magic moment

When parents and babies share a wonderful moment of connection, something magical happens! The bond with your child deepens and as a parent you may feel a rush of intense happiness.